Falken Wildpeak AT3W All-Terrain Radial Tire

Be on the safer end in your transaction by purchasing our Falken Wildpeak AT3W All-Terrain Radial Tire. Our product is meticulously manufactured for long-term use.

In fact, this tire is not susceptible to punctures at all, though one must be discreet still. And, that’s because of the sidewalls and shoulder blocks on it. They provide optimal support and protection to the tire.

They even make it usable on any terrain. It’s a B rated tire of 4 ply. It’s soft and super-tough. The load rating for this tire is 115. Of course, that’s equivalent to its ability to carry loads which weights are 2,679 pounds.

This doesn’t come with a wheel. But it’s usable by those which sizes are the same with the dimensions of the rim. Howbeit, this report is only for one tire. And guess what? It’s not pricey at all.

You can use the tire as a replacement for any tire as long as the size is the same with your vehicle’s rim size. It doesn’t rub, and its performances are exquisite.

The maximum pressure for this tire is 51psi. Invariably, you have nothing to lose with the purchase of this premium tire.

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Falken Wildpeak AT3W All-Terrain Radial Tire Review: 5 Major Features

1. Heat Diffuser TechnologyFalken Wildpeak Radial Tire

The technology enables the emancipation of air. This aids in keeping the tire itself safe from spoilage. Imagine a run-flat tire with such a feature.

Isn’t that going to be full of fun for a long time? Of course, it will.  The deflation takes place at the lower part of the sidewalls.

However, before that immensely affect the tire, it would have covered over 50,000 mileage. In some cases, the inverse could be the case.

Suppose you’re using the tire on a wet path. There could be reductions in the stipulated mileage. Notwithstanding, you’d still have the best use of the tire, and I even close to 50,000 mileage.

In a nutshell, the significance of this is to enhance its longevity. But, is this vulnerable to punctures or wears due to faulty construction? Absolutely no,

2. 3D Crayon ‘Squiggled’ Design

The radial tire has a 3D crayon design. This makes it seem there are traceable crevices on it. However, this aids in augmenting its aesthetic look and make it less vulnerable to punctures.

The dimension of this tire is 31.7 x 31.7 x 10.8 inches and weighs 46.52 pounds. The size of the rim for this product is 17” X 8.5”.

Furthermore, it has a black inscription on it, and it’s one which ply is 4. It’s soft and sturdy on any terrain. It doesn’t come with a wheel, but you can use one which has the same dimension with its rim. And guess what? Most vehicles use this.

3. Rugged Capacity

It’s a P-metric tire, though it can also be used for light truck that uses the same description with this product’s rim. The load index rating for this tire is 115T.

Meanwhile, the tread depth and speed rating are 13.6 thirty_seconds_inches and T, respectively. The UTQG, on the other hand, is 660, and the aspect ratio for this is 70.

This tire is steel belted. There are step-down and support ramp features that this provides as a result of the tread block. The tread block is a big plus because it enhances the sturdiness and the steady performances of the tire.

4. Sidewalls

All-Terrain Radial Tire

The sidewall is an excellent addition to its futuristic. What it does is that it toughens the tire so that it can be used to trail on any surface.

Just as there is a lower sidewall, there is also the upper sidewalls. It’s this (high sidewalls) design that makes it usable off-road.

The traction, however, is an A-rated, and temperature is B-rated. In other words, this can be used explicitly on any surface.

Also, there is an offset shoulder block, which makes it difficult for stones to hide in the spies.

Of course, it’s noiseless, but it could make screeching sounds when one is turning it on a gravel surface. Overall, it’s one that anyone can trust for long-term use.

5. Dependability

It’s a tire that you can use as LT and P. In other words; you can use this for vans and trucks because it can haul heavy-duty materials.

Furthermore, it gives excellent traction at low pressure. Regardless of the topography of the land and weather conditions, this is one that would trail so well.

Why Should You Use Falken Wildpeak AT3W All-Terrain Radial Tire?

Falken Wildpeak AT3W

1. Full-Depth Sipes

The full-depth grooves enable you to move at high magnitude. You can trail anywhere with ease. You can even make sharp corner turns with this tire without hearing irritating sounds.

2. Run-Flat Tire

The run-flat tire is not vulnerable to deflation with punctures. The casing is a pneumatic tire that you can move around with ease. And it has great looks too.

3. Recommendation

It is a product that has been existing for a long time. The tire is currently the best-selling run-flat tire in the marketplace at the moment. In other words, purchasing this means you’re on a safer side.

4. Customer Service

What keeps the product at the peak is inimitable service that the manufacturer render to their amiable buyers. They provide warranty and full money return.

5. Longevity

And, when it comes to durability, this one would serve you better. This one would aid you in saving more money also.

Product Benefits
  • The product is a run-flat-tire.
  • It has a load rating of 115T.
  • There are sidewalls at the top and the nadir of the tire.
  • It is puncture resistant.
  • It augments proper handling and stability in its performances.
  • This is a durable tire.
  • You can use it for any terrain.
The Negative Things
  • None.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this product available in the US?

Answer: Yes, it is.

2. So, how dependable is this product?

Answer: Super dependable. This is a product that’s made by a brand that has been existing for over scores of years.

3. Does this come with a warranty?

Answer: We advise you make further inquiry by contacting the manufacturer directly.

4. What is the diameter of the rim of this tire?

Answer: 17” width.

5. Are there other options?

Answer: We advise you to contact the manufacturer for further explanation.

Final Verdict

The FalkenWildpeak radial tire is one that you can trust its functionalities. It can haul loads, and it’s one that would last. In fact, this would last for a long time. It’s one that you’d enjoy its use. It’s viable in any weather condition.