Thunderer Thunderer MT All-Terrain RadialThunderer has been a leader in the manufacture of tires for several years and the brand is still on top. When you see any tire made by Thunderer, you can rest assured about the quality of the tire.

Due to the niche that the brand has carved for itself in the industry, we quickly added the tire to our list because it was made by Thunderer. We added it before checking its features, and we were not disappointed with the features we found out.

We bet you will love the tire when you see some of its features. The space in between its treads is wide and that prevents tiny stones from getting stuck in it.

The current Amazon rating of the tire says it all. Any product that can earn a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 is an excellent product. Let’s now go into the details of the Thunderer Thunderer MT All-Terrain Radial tire review.

Thunderer Thunderer MT All-Terrain Radial Tire Review: 5 Major Features

1. HeavyweightThunderer Thunderer All-Terrain Radial

The tire weighs 59.5 pound. This shows that it is a heavy tire. Heavier tires are more rugged, tougher, more puncture-resistant, and they last so much longer.

So, we can assure you that the weight of this tire has many benefits. Let’s make one thing clear. This tire isn’t for small cars.

It is for trucks, minibuses, and SUVs. The tire for such vehicles needs to be very heavy.

2. 16-Inch Rim Diameter

The rim diameter of a tire is an important feature to consider when buying a tire. This is because the tire meant for a 16-inch rim cannot work for 15-inch or 17-inch rims. At this point, we may like to remind you that the rims of SUVs and light trucks are usually 16 inches in diameter.

3. Made By Thunderer

Thunderer is one of the most trusted tire brands because it has a proven track record of excellent tires. The company has been manufacturing tires for a long time.

So, telling some people that a tire was made by Thunderer is enough to convince them to go for the tire. This is why we’re making it clear that this tire is a product of Thunderer.

4. Great Traction

Another feature that people consider in the purchase of tires is the traction of the tire. This tire has a good grip on all kinds of road. Whether it is a smooth, well-tarred road, deep mud, or icy roads, this tire will weather the storm.

In fact, we feel the tire is actually designed for wet and muddy road. So, if traction is the most important tire feature for you, then look no further. This tire is for you, as long as your rim is size 16.

5. Less NoiseThunderer Thunderer

We won’t say this tire does not make noise because it does. Rather, we observed that its noise is less than the noise that most tires produce, especially the ones for big vehicles like this one.

No matter the type of road on which you are cruising this workhorse. Its noise will be minimal. If you don’t listen carefully, you may not even hear it.

However, we must tell you that we didn’t test it on a muddy road. We only tested it on a smooth road and we found out that it makes less noise. If user reviews are anything to go by, then this tire does not make much noise on muddy roads and on icy roads.

Why Should You Use Thunderer Thunderer MT All-Terrain Radial Tire?

Thunderer Thunderer MT All-Terrain Radial

1. It has a high Amazon rating

As mentioned earlier, the rating of a product is an indication of the quality of the product. This tire has a high Amazon rating.

Precisely, it is rated 4.5 stars out of 5. This rating is for products that are better than average. A rating of 4.5 stars means the tire is excellent.

2. It has large treading space

The tire has large space in between its tread lines. The space is too big for little stones or gravel to get stuck in it. So, you won’t have to worry about removing little stones from its tread. This also means that its tread will last long without wearing fast.

3. The tire is durable

Durability is always an important factor when buying any product. Nobody wants to keep buying the same item over and over again. So, we can guarantee the durability of this tire.

4. It is affordable

Many of its buyers believe that the price of the tire is right. It is sold at $139.98. We also believe that the price is a fair deal for its performance.

5. The tire is puncture-resistant

Another reason why you should choose this tire is its puncture-resistance. The tread is so deep and thick. Nothing can be more frustrating than going back to your car to see that your tire is flat.

And finding out that something punctured it will make the situation worse. This is why you should choose this tire for its extra protection against puncture.

Product Benefits
  • The tire makes less noise.
  • It offers great handling.
  • It is also smooth on the road.
  • Weighing 59.5 pounds is perfect for a tire made for heavy vehicles.
  • It has a rim diameter of 16 inches.
  • The price of $139.98 makes it affordable.
  • It provides great traction.
  • You’ll enjoy it on different types of roads.
  • An extra protection against puncture makes it a great choice.
  • An Amazon rating of 4.5 stars is an indication of its quality.
The Negative Things
  • It is not suitable for smaller cars.
  • Even though its noise is minimal, it still makes some noise.
  • The tire requires some weight to balance up.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Where is it sold?

Answer: Amazon.

Question 2: What is its weight?

Answer: It weighs 59.5 pounds.

Question 3: Where is the origin of the tire?

Answer: Thailand

Question 4: Does it come with any warranty?

Answer: No.

Question 5: What is its rim diameter?

Answer: 16 inches.

Final Verdict

If you have been following this Thunderer Thunderer MT All-Terrain Radial tire review, you’ll easily see that it has little or no shortcoming. Instead, it offers a lot of positive features.

Although it makes some noise, its noise is relatively than the noise from many other tires. Based on all the positive features of this tire that have been discussed above, we hereby recommend it for anyone that needs to buy a rim-16 tire.