Westlake SL369 ALL TERRAIN

This is a Westlake SL369 ALL TERRAIN Review. We took the time to check and test all the features we mentioned below. Although the distributor of this tire told us a few features about the product, we tested all the features and we also discovered more.

In addition, we also checked all the reviews of this tire to learn what users have to say about it. So far, we can say it is a good tire with attractive features.

We are pleased with all the qualities we found, and that’s why we recommend it for you and for any other person that is planning to buy a tire soon. Before going into the full details, here is a little tip of the iceberg on the qualities of the tire.

The tire weighs 58.5 pounds and that is okay for a tire with a 16-inch diameter. We would also like to quickly whisper it into your ears that the tire is rated 4.4 stars on Amazon. You’ll agree with us that the rating is excellent. So, let’s dive into the heart of the review now.

Westlake SL369 ALL TERRAIN Review: 5 Major Features

1. 16-Inch Diameter

This tire is meant for rims with a diameter of 16 inches. We decided to talk about this feature first because it will help you decide whether to continue reading this review or to stop right here.

If the diameter of the rim of your car is either higher than 16 inches or lower, there’s nothing you can do about it. This tire is not for you. On the other hand, if the rims of your car are 16 inches in diameter, this tire is what you need.

2. Low Noise

Another quality that we found out about this tire is low noise. We tried it on different types of road but the noise remained very low.

Whether you are driving on a smooth, well-tarred road, a muddy road, off-road, or on icy roads, you’ll only hear little or no noise. The seller told us this fact but we didn’t believe it until we tested the tire.

3. Weight of 58.5 Pounds

The tire weighs 58.5 pounds and even though the weight is a little on the high side for small cars, it is perfect for light trucks.

This is okay since the tire is designed for light trucks and SUVs. Some of the kinds of vehicles that this tire was designed for are Toyota Highlander and Ford Ranger.

4. Great Traction

The tire offers great traction on different kinds of roads. Excellent traction and great brakes are good features and that’s why cornering with the tire is awesome.

We didn’t test its traction on a muddy road but we tried it on a normal tarred road and we were glad with its performance. So, we’ll say if good traction is a priority for you, this tire should top your consideration list.

5. Variety

This tire is designed for a wide variety of vehicles. Some of the vehicles that can use this tire are Toyota 4-runner, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Highlander, Chevrolet K-Blazer, Chevrolet Suburban, Chevrolet Trailblazer, Chevrolet Tahoe, Chevrolet Silver ado, Ford F-Series, Ford Ranger, Dodge Duran go, Dodge Dakota, Dodge Ram, and many more.

Why Should You Use Westlake SL369 ALL TERRAIN?

1. The tire has a high Amazon rating

We will advise you to always consider the Amazon rating of any product before you make a financial commitment. The rating is done by users of the product.

We believe that no one can rate any product better than the users of the product. This is why we are excited that this tire has been rated 4.4 stars. This rating means that the tire is a good buy.

2. It gives a smooth ride

When we tested this tire, we enjoyed the ride because it was very smooth. To corroborate this fact, are many of the reviews on Amazon. Many of the users of the tire have confirmed that it gives a smooth ride on all kinds of roads.

3. It has a good tread life

When the tread of any tire begins to wear off, the tire will lose its traction. And if you still keep using it, the tire will become dangerous. If you buy this particular tire, you’ll use it for several years before its tread begins to wear off.

4. The tire is puncture-resistant

While there is no tire that is 100% puncture-resistant, some of them are made of tough material and that makes it more difficult to penetrate through them.  This tire is one of them. It can’t be punctured easily.

5. It offers great handling

Another reason why you should choose this tire is how it responds to the driver’s instruction. It responds perfectly to cornering, steering, and when the brake is applied. It allows for easy maneuverability. We definitely recommend this tire.

Product Benefits
  • The tire has an Amazon rating of 4.4 stars.
  • The tire is puncture-resistant.
  • Its tread does not wear fast.
  • The tire is a good fit for a wide variety of vehicles.
  • It comes at a fair price.
  • The tire offers amazing handling.
  • It also grips the road so well.
  • It moves with little or no noise.
  • The movement of the tire is smooth.
  • It is great for on-road and off-road.
The Negative Things
  • The tire comes in only few sizes.
  • Its performance reduces in deep mud.
  • A weight of 58.5 pounds isn’t dazzling.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is its weight?

Answer: It weighs 58.5 pounds.

Question 2: What kind of vehicles is it designed for?

Answer: The tire is a good fit for SUVs and light trucks.

Question 3: Where can I get it to buy?

Answer: It is available on Amazon.

Question 4: Does it come with any warranty?

Answer: No, it does not come with any warranty.

Question 5: What is its rim diameter?

Answer: 16 inches.

Final Verdict

After going through the Westlake SL369 ALL TERRAIN review, it should be obvious that the tire is a good buy. The only real shortcoming of the tire is that it doesn’t perform when you run it through deep mud.

However, its performance in other types of terrain is simply awesome. Durability, good traction, amazing handling, and a very high Amazon rating are the reasons we will recommend this tire to everyone.